April 16, 2022 BSTRA Property Trail Work Day

Our first trail work day of the season was on our BSTRA property in Douglas and entailed a bit of pre-trail work. That was 4.85 hours of chainsaw work that I thought was safer to do without people around, especially that first tree that was uprooted and hung up on another tree by the first stream crossing.

We had 14 people show up at 8:30 and by 9am we were in the woods working the clearing the trails. I am real happy to say that we cleared the main connector trail and most of the other small loop trail.

Thank you to the following who definitely made a difference: Julie Taddei, Darlene Falcone, Chris DiMasi, Becky Kalagher, Lynn Paresky, Bill Knott, Kathy Rich, Valerie Clark, Gloria Duhaime, Cheryl Fitzpatrick, Sue Sanders, Phil Rutledge, Karen Parlin and Rose Zariczny.

Rose was kind enough to pick up our lunch order. It was well enjoyed be everyone at the Depot Street parking lot.

It’s amazing how nice it looks now. With the trail cleared to both stream crossings, I can start the process with having plans drawn up and applying for a Notice of Intent (NOI).

We put in 48.5 hours on the trail work day. Combine that with the 4.85 and we have a total of 53.35 hours worth $1,758.42.