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BSTRA, Inc. is pleased to provide you with a directory of our 2020 business sponsors. All of us get a chance to support or say thank you to businesses each time we make our buying decisions on where to purchase products and services. BSTRA is hoping you’ll support the reputable businesses which are our sponsors. All of the businesses listed in this Directory have supported BSTRA in various ways. We call them all Sponsors, but they are the key to our being able to successfully take on trail projects, offer wonderful raffle items to raise money, and provide prizes and incentives to event participants. Without Sponsor support, BSTRA would not be able to take on the same level of trail projects; nor would we be able to offer prizes and raffle items at our events without raising registration fees or the cost of membership.

Just as these businesses support us, we should support them. So we urge all of our members to become familiar with who our Sponsors are – and when you decide where to buy your products, make sure you buy from one of our Sponsors. Because when you buy from them, you are also supporting BSTRA. Our sponsor list has grown so long we have broken it up into categories for easier browsing. Please select a category and see who has generously been supporting BSTRA.

If you don’t see your favorite business listed as a Sponsor, please ask them to become a BSTRA sponsor or provide their name to our Fundraising Committee, and they will contact them.

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