2015 Projects

In 2015, Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. (BSTRA) was awarded a partnership grant through the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, Inc.

Our project had two components:

1.  To improve a section of Ridge Trail in the Douglas State Forest (1.4 miles)

2.  To improve two sections of the SNETT in Douglas . The first section is from the state line to Wallum Lake Road (2.46 miles) and from Monroe St. to West St. (1.44 miles)

The work was done in 2015 with a grant of $13,403. The match was as follows: Cash $11,262.64; Volunteer Labor $3,968.80; Lunch for volunteers $234.97; Donation of 5 truck loads of processed gravel $1,746.49. This gives us a Total Project Value of $30,615.90

Please read the Final Partnership Grant Report for full details.

Final Partnership Grant Report BRVNHC