1. CHAPTER STATUS:  Any group which requires BSTRA membership as a condition for joining and which maintains a 100% BSTRA membership may enroll as a Chapter provided: A) it agrees to run an activity to benefit the Organization during the year; and B) it agrees to host one Board Meeting per year within its membership area.

2. AFFILIATED CLUBS:  Such groups must maintain five (5) Individual Memberships or two (2) Family Memberships and two (2) Individual Memberships, and if possible run one event per year to benefit the Organization.

3.  YOUTH GROUP PLAN:  This plan provides individual membership cards, individual mailings, and full membership privileges (except voting rights) to organized groups of five or more. (Five member minimum). All Youth Plan members must be under age 17. Such groups must maintain five (5) Youth Memberships and if possible sponsor one Organization benefit per year in the same fashion as affiliated adult groups.