Becoming a member of BSTRA is easy!  We offer payment online through Paypal, or via check with a printable form.

BSTRA has a new category: Barn Membership. If you have a barn with boarders or students who want to form a barn group, $35 will entitle you to a barn membership and eligibility to compete for end of year barn awards.

The barn award will go to the most active barn that has the most volunteer hours, most horse/riders at pleasure & competitive rides.

Rules: Come up with a good barn name. Sign up for barn membership. Each barn member must be a current individual member of BSTRA. Attend work days and rides. Have lots of fun with friends and family.

To join BSTRA and pay via check, please download, print and fill out the attached form below.


On-line registration

Family membership consists of all people residing at the same address.
Please check the correct box for the type of membership you want.

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