Trails play a remarkable role in all of our lives. As one of our greatest assets, trails enable us to explore, travel and savor the world’s natural wonders. They are the best way to see nature’s hidden treasures and the easiest way to encourage children, as well as adults, to adopt healthy lifestyles. Trails are ribbons that connect us, lead us and expand our horizons. For these reasons , BSTRA is committed to keeping our communities’ trails preserved and maintained for outdoor recreation and fitness.


Bay State Trail Riders Association has been working for trails since its incorporation in 1973, but increased loss of trails due to development and other factors has made our trail advocacy work even more important in recent years. Add to that the limitation of certain user groups on some areas of our remaining trail system, and our involvement to keep trails open to equestrians takes on added importance for the equestrian community. Never in our history has the need for trail access, preservation and maintenance been so great as it is now.


The Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR), Massachusetts Recreational Trails Advisory Board (MARTAB), Army Corps of Engineers, towns and various land trusts all keep BSTRA informed on trail issues regionally, as well as nationally.



BSTRA takes action by:


  • Taking on annual MA trail maintenance projects, working closely with DCR
  • Taking an active stand on legislation affecting our members and works towards educating our elected officials at all levels of government
  • Providing agencies, municipalities and individuals with advice and input regarding horses and trail issues
  • Promoting good horsemanship and educating our members on trail etiquette, safety and responsibility
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter, The Bugle, to keep people up to date on all our activities, trail issues and legislation impacting equestrian use of land


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