All Trail Users

  • Respect the trails – pick up your trash, do not remove trail markers, do not blaze new trails.
  • Report problems or safety issues to the park maintenance department.
  • Give someting back – volunteer for a trail work day!
  • Share the trails with all other users safely – see below.
  • Be aware of trail conditions – travel during muddy conditions can damage trails.
  • Pass only when you can see the trail and approaching traffic, provide adequate warning and reduce your speed.
  • Animals on the trail may act unexpectedly. Ask the handler for guidance if unsure of how to approach.



  • Keep a full horse distance behind the rider ahead of you.
  • Ask or announce when you wish to pass. Be sure the rider you are passing is ready for you to go by.
  • Always try to pass at a walk or slow trot. NO cantering or galloping please!
  • Announce when you want to slow down or speed up so people will be prepared for a change in gait.
  • Be aware of young or nervous horses and riders. Offer assistance when needed.
  • If trails are unmarked, please respect the ride leader. Do not go on ahead, if there is a turn or a side trail you may be lost for a long time!
  • Please let someone know if the pace is too fast, or if you are having difficulties.
  • Slow down the pace if you notice tiring horses. Not all mounts are in endurance shape.
  • Use ribbons to let other riders know about special situations that require consideration. Use a green ribbon to signify a novice horse or rider. Please use a red ribbon on your horse’s tail if it tends to kick.
  • A yellow ribbon should be used to denote a stallion.


Mountain Bikes

  • Be aware of other trail users – you are obligated to yield to all other trail users.
  • If a horse spooks or becomes frightened, be considerate and stop. Wait for the rider to tell you when it is OK to pass.
  • Approach blind curves with caution – assume someone is coming from the opposite direction.
  • Give horses a wide berth when passing to avoid unintentional contact. Red ribbons in a horse’s tail are an indication that it may kick if approached too closely from behind.


Hikers and Joggers

  • Always yield to equestrians, do not hide behind obstacles on the side of the trail.
  • Stay to the right of the trail, pass on the left.
  • Announce yourself when overtaking other trail users.
  • If traveling with a dog, obey leash regulations. Restrain your dog when passing or being passed by other trail users.


Motorized Vehicles

  • Stay on marked trails.
  • If a horse spooks or becomes frightened, be considerate and stop, shut off engine if necessary. Wait for the rider to tell you when it is OK to restart and/or proceed.