We ask that you Pre-register for this event — it helps us plan how much food to prepare for the delicious lunch we provide.  Pre-registration deadline is June 10th.

Choose how you would like to participate:

  • Ride – To register, register online below or download flyer/registration form
  • Ride and Collect Sponsors – Register as above and download Sponsor Papers
  • Collect Sponsors Only – download Sponsor Papers and complete registration form checking off box for Collecting Sponsors Only  (Note:  Your Sponsor Papers and collections must be submitted to NTD Ride Organizer, c/o 76 NW Main St., Douglas, MA 01516 and received by October 15th or submitted in person at the NTD event by the 11 am deadline in order to be eligible for prizes for the Top 8 Participants)

Be sure to bring a copy of your current Coggins with you when you sign in at the Registration Table prior to riding.

Covid Protocol:  Stay home if you are sick.  Maintain a distance of at least six feet from those not in your “Family” group.  Wash/sanitize your hands.  Face masks are required when you are at the registration/lunch/raffle tables or any time you are closer than six feet from someone else

To register by mail, click on form below to download.



To register on-line, please fill out the form below.