What are the BSTRA Year End Awards?
Bay State Trail Riders Association’s year end awards are achieved through attendance at organized rides (see Calendar of Events) throughout the year and dispensed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February. Be sure to sign in at each ride to assure credit for points. To be eligible for year-end awards, you must 1) be a member in good standing, 2) attend at least two rides, and 3) if an adult you must have a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time during that year. See Volunteer Award Program below.

Ed Whalley Memorial
High Point Pleasure
This division represents all rides that do not award ribbons or placings. A rider receives 1 point for each ride attended. Formerly the Art Caruso Memorial (plate retired in 1999), it is now a tribute to the major founder, and executive director for many years, of Bay State Trail Riders Assoc., Inc. Awards: Under 65(Adult), 65 and older (Senior), Junior 17 and under.

Frank Monopoli Memorial
High Point Competitive
This division encompasses all rides that do award ribbons or placings. A rider receives 2 points for attendance unless he or she places, in which case they earn points as follows: 1st place = 8 pts; 2nd place = 7 pts; 3rd place = 6 pts; 4th place = 5 pts; 5th place = 4 pts; 6th place = 3 pts. Formerly the Joe Travers Memorial (retired in 1999) this award was started with a donation in memory of Frank Monopoli who passed away from spinal cancer at an early age. Frank was a long time member who loved barrel racing and trail riding. Awards: Under 65(Adult), 65 and older (Senior), Junior 17 and under.

Joe Travers Memorial
High Point Accumulative
This annual award recognizes the rider attending the most rides overall. Riders receive 1 point for each ride attended. This memorial to Joe Travers was re-established in 2001 to take the place of the Ed Corey Memorial, which existed from 1985-2000. Joe Travers’ family began this plate originally for their dad. Joe was a feisty rider who didn’t let his age or physical ailments slow him down, he attended many rides on his spirited Arabian well into his 70’s. He would sometimes ask for assistance to tighten his girth (arthritis in his hands) and to hold his horse (after being thrown)! Awards: Under 65(Adult), 65 and older (Senior), Junior 17 and under.

Most Active Senior Rider – Joe Travers Memorial
Oldest rider with the most points. Both pleasure & competitive points totaled. (Volunteer work taken into consideration also).

Most Active Younger Rider

Rider with the most points, must be under 12 years old as of January 1st.

Sam’s Champ Award

This award is in honor of Ed Whalley’s tried and true mount that he rode for many years – Sam. Each horse receives 1 point for every ride attended (no matter who is riding) and at the end of the year, the one with the most points has the horse’s name and the owner’s name engraved on the trophy. Awards: Under 65(Adult), 65 and older (Senior), Junior 17 and under. (rider of course!)

Lea MacInnis Memorial
The Lea MacInnis Memorial was established in 1985 and perpetuated by her parents, Doris and Angus Wilson. Lea was an active member of BSTRA until May of 1984. Lea suffered from aplastic anemia, a serious blood disorder, and as a child was not expected to survive her sixteenth birthday. All who knew Lea admired her obvious zest for life and her determined approach to tasks she considered worthwhile. The highest scoring BSTRA member at the annual Lea MacInnis Judged Pleasure Ride will have his/her name added to the trophy. The winner gets to keep the trophy for one year (AGM) then receives a keepsake trophy to replace it.

Volunteer Award Program

All members can participate in this program. There are many ways to volunteer: trail rides, trail work days (on any land that is open to public use), writing articles or attending meetings on behalf of equine interests, manning a booth for BSTRA. Volunteer work sheets are printed in The Bugle in the spring or are available from President Becky Kalagher or our web site. Each hour worked as a volunteer is worth 75 cents towards rewards determined by the awards committee. Adults must volunteer a minimum of four hours per year to qualify for year end awards.