BSTRA Volunteerism Award Program Guidelines

BSTRA offers a unique Volunteerism Award Program to its members. Its our way of saying “Thank You” for getting involved in the process of trail maintenance, preservation and acquisition. Your involvement helps BSTRA be part of the solution.

Program Details:


Whenever you volunteer your time to help BSTRA, you earn points towards year end awards. The Board of Directors do not receive compensation or volunteer hours for time served related to their position as officers/directors except for complimentary membership.

If you are involved in an activity that is not listed here, please check with the BSTRA Board of Directors. Points are awarded for the following activities:

  • Non-BSTRA meetings you attend which are related to trail issues. For example: Town Master Plan meetings, working on a trail or greenway, State Forest Resource Management Plans, Friends of a State Forest or a specific trail-in other words, anything to do with trails allowing horseback riding.
  • Time spent representing BSTRA at parades, trade shows, conferences, etc.
  • Time spent preparing for, or cleaning up after a BSTRA event. For example: marking trails, setting up jumps, taking down markers, setting up tables, making signs, etc.
  • Time spent working at a BSTRA event. For example: checking riders in or parking trailers.
  • Time spent on writing projects. For example: writing fund raising letters, grant proposals, press releases, newsletter articles etc.
  • Time spent working on trails. For example: attending BSTRA work days, attending another group’s trail work days, verifiable independent work on state or town trails (include names and phone numbers of person that can verify the work)
  • Time spent traveling to meetings, work days or events can be counted if travel time is over 1 hour, one way. Or a total of more than 2 hours travel time both ways.


You must be a member in good standing to receive points.

To qualify for year end awards, adults must volunteer a minimum of four hours.


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In addition to earning points in accordance with BSTRA’s Volunteerism Award Program, volunteers can earn chances to get rewards in cash or prizes for their hours volunteered through a second program, “Reward Volunteers”, offered through Cabot Creamery.  It’s a free volunteer management system that enables you to easily track the time you spend volunteering for BSTRA by logging in your hours within 7 days of the volunteer activity.  The more time you volunteer, the more points you will earn for chances to win prizes!


Click on the button below and conveniently track and log time spent volunteering from any web friendly device (smartphone, tablet, iPad or computer).  First step is to sign up, then log in each time you add volunteer hours.  So whatever it is you do for volunteer work — whether it’s helping with trail work days, with organizing or helping out at rides, serving on a BSTRA committee like Fundraising, Trails, etc. — it all counts.  NOTE:  VOLUNTEER HOURS MUST BE LOGGED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF VOLUNTEERING IN ORDER TO EARN POINTS.

PRIZES AND REWARDS:  Each month both individual and organizational winners are chosen.  At year end, Grand Prizes are selected based on the whole year’s hours.  Both volunteers and most organizations are eligible for one Monthly Prize and one Grand Prize per year.  Prizes may include Cash, Vacations, Gift Cards. Gift Baskets and more.