March 31, 2021 was a historical first for BSTRA. We purchased a 17 acre parcel of land in Douglas MA. 

This property makes a connection between the Southern New England Trunkline Trail (SNETT) and the 131 acres of land owned by the Town behind the schools.

We should be able to get about two miles of looping trails on both properties. Some of the existing trails on the land behind the schools are used by their cross country runners.

Short term plans for the new property will be to clean up the old farm dump and establish the connector trail. Long term plans are to turn the property over to Metacomet Land Trust. A land trust is in the business of holding and protecting land and our Board of Directors felt that this would be the best option. It will accomplish our goal of preserving land that is open for horseback riding and other non-motorized us, but we won’t have to worry about being a “landowner” and all that is associated with it.

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Aug. 2, 2021 we held our first work party. We brushed back the invasive knotweed from Martin Road to where we were entering the property to access the old farm dump. We then cleared the trail down to the old farm dump. Five people with brush cutters, back pack blower and chain saw finished that up with a total of 14 hours of volunteer work worth $461.44.

Aug. 4, 2021 the scrap metal dumpster was dropped off.

Aug. 7, 2021 Eleven volunteers, one with a Kubota tractor that has a bucket and one with a riding lawnmower with a tow behind cart met up to start hauling out all the metal. Surprisingly 99% of the metal made it out to the dumpster that morning. We are talking about 1930’s cars or what was left of them, tons of buckets, various tubs, cans, empty metal drums, mattress springs, old refrigerator, and so on. We put in a total of 40.84 hours worth $1,346.09

Aug. 8, 2021 Two volunteers with the Kubota tractor spent another 8 hours total (worth $263.68) getting that last piece of the car frame out of there. Turns out that the roots of a tree right next to the frame had grown all around the brake drum assembly and underneath to the tie rods. Thus the huge amount of time to actually get it out which they finally did!