2014 Projects

In 2013, Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. (BSTRA) was awarded a grant through the Recreational Trails Grant Program administered by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR).

Our project had two components:

1.  To improve the SNETT in Douglas between South Street and Monroe Street for a total of 2.67 miles.

2.  Trail wide development strategy or “State of the SNETT” report.

The work was done in 2014 with a grant of $22,570. Along with a  match of $14,508.25 to give this a Total Project Value of $37,078.25

Please read the Final Grant Report for full details.

Final Grant Report

Shawn Clifton beside his bridge project.

Shawn Clifton beside his bridge project.

Eagle Scout Project in Mendon: Earlier this year, we were approached by Shawn Clifton about his Eagle Scout Project and he made a presentation to the Board via phone confer-ence. His project entailed building a bridge to cross a stream. He submitted a materials list, map with location, and bridge plans. BSTRA approved his request and paid for the bridge building materials which totaled $1,536.83. Shawn and his team did a great job completing this bridge project.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.43.44 AMNov. 21st—Another Eagle Scout Project in Mendon
Parker Grant submitted a request for another bridge. This bridge is 150 feet away from the first bridge that Shawn completed. To complete this trail, two bridges were required. BSTRA also voted to support this project and paid for the bridge materials which totaled $999.86.

2013 Projects

Partnership Grant done at Douglas State Forest
Finally, the partnership grant that we had applied for in 2010 with approval in March of 2011 was tackled this year. The grant application was to improve a one mile section of trail in the Douglas State Forest. The trail came off of the SNETT which is called the Midstate Trail & the Streeter Trail that goes out to Southwest Main St.

The grant was for a total of $9,500. DCR’s contribution was $6,330. BSTRA contributed $2,920 and a grant from the Douglas Octoberfest for $250 completed the funding. The sad news is that DCR spent the whole $9,500 doing just the first .3 of a mile. Needless to say, we did want to get this project done. So we had Speroni Excavation finish up the last .7 mile of the trail. The board approved spending $3,000 to get this work done. So, BSTRA has $5,920 invested along with another $250 from the grant to get this project done. Grand total is $6,170.



In Progress

In Progress

Finished Trail

Finished Trail

2012 Projects

Sweetwilliam Farm Upton MA

BSTRA donated $1,500 towards the cost of purchasing and installing a 1/4 mile of fencing. This was the last section that to be completed in order to connect a 15 mile trail network. This network connects Sweetwilliam Farm (town owned) to Upton State Forest, Warren Brook Watershed, Howarth Glen Conservation Area and Grafton’s Pell Farm Conservation Area.

BSTRA also purchased two signs along with the posts and lags to install them. The signs were needed to keep all trail users on the trail easement and out of the working hay fields. The signs were installed on Nov. 24th. The installation took 3 hours and 45 minutes. So the value of the labor and the cost of the signs, posts and hardware came to a total of $241.74.




2012 Projects continued

BSTRA donated $5,000 towards the purchase of the former Sibley and Warner Farms that totaled 352 acres. This land has trails that connect to the MA Snowmobile Trail Route 71, Buck Hill/4-H Camp Marshall, the Mid-State Trail and eventually to Spencer State Forest. Horses will be allowed with plenty of parking access for trailers. This was certainly a win-win situa-on for all trail users.