2016 Projects

New connector trail established at the Douglas State Forest. Park Serve Day – April 23rd.

With a goal in mind, people from BSTRA, NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association), Troop 316 Douglas, and DCR we not only got the new trail in which covered .7 of a mile, we cleared .2 of a mile on the other side of SW Main St. and got the bases of two new bridges installed. This includes the ramp approaches to each that was built with rocks.

The bridges just need the decking and processed gravel installed on the ramps to be done.

On this Park Serve Day we put in a total of 163.5 hours with a worth of $4,741.50. Lunch was $187.20. The 19 hours of work before the work day was worth $55.10.

Grand Total: $4,983.80

Anti-slip strips installed on bridge at Upton State Forest on Park Serve Day – April 24th.

We picked a bridge at the Upton State Forest as it is a pretty busy place. This is our test bridge to see how these anti-slip strips will hold up and how well they do the job.

We all know how slippery wooden bridges can get. The cost of these strips for this one bridge is not cheap, we paid $924.75, plus the volunteer labor to install them.


Test bridge at Upton State Forest