October 12, 2018 Pell Farm Workday

Five very hard working volunteers, 1 chainsaw, numerous loppers and a hand saw, did some serious trail work to prepare the trails on Pell Farm (Grafton) for the upcoming Big Pumpkin Ride.  Thanks to Becky Kalagher, Joyce Sandvik, Suzanne Nicholas, Bill Knott, and Katherine Petersson.

September 9, 2018 Luau Ride

Sponsored by Stone Arbor Farm.  At Upton State Forest, the Hawaiian luau theme was everywhere— the registration table, the leis handed out to attendees, the many creative costumes for horse and rider, and the fabulous lunch of homemade Hawaiian food accompanied by island background music.

July 21, 2018 Goddard Park Ride

Sponsored by Canterbury Automotive.  What a perfect weather day occurred for this year’s ride! No humidity, pleasant temps, and a steady breeze added up to a rare day. Twenty-six riders participated, enjoying the scenic trails and splashing in the salt water.

July 15, 2018 Domnarski Farm Ride

Many thanks to Matt and Lisa Domnarski for allowing us to ride out of their farm to enjoy the trails in Ware and Palmer (MA). And thank you to Joan Lowbridge-Sisley for putting this ride together and doing all the work for it!  Sponsored by Savers Bank.