2019 Board of Directors

Sponsor Recognition: Linda Chita

Daryl Anne Wilga

Janet Aleid

George Yered

Lee Paresky

Chris Podles

Year End Awards

More Year End Awards

Competitive Div. Seniors Annamaria Paul, Becky Kalagher, Bill & Angie Knott

Competitive Div. Adults Crysanda Boisvert, Lisa Grigaitis, Karen Parlin, Carolyn Weeks

Competitive Div. Juniors Tristen & Justin Weeks

Pleasure Div. Seniors Valerie Clark, Becky Kalagher, Kathy Rich, Sharron Cochran, Angie & Bill Knott

Pleasure Div. Adults Lisa Grigaitis, Crysanda Boisvert, Darlene Falcone, Karen Parlin, Carolyn Weeks

Pleasure Div. Juniors Justin & Tristen Weeks

Accumulative Div. Seniors Valerie Clark, Kathy Rich, Becky Kalagher, Sharron Cochran, Angie & Bill Knott

Accumulative Div. Adults Carolyn Weeks, Lisa Grigaitis, Karen Parlin, Crysanda Boisvert, Darlene Falcone

Accumulative Div. Juniors Justin & Tristen Weeks

High Point Horse Seniors. Tie with Jason ridden by Angie Knott and Townie ridden by Bill Knott

High Point Horse Adults Dixie ridden by Crysanda Boisvert

High Point Horse Juniors Barron ridden by Tristen Weeks

Most Active Junior Justin Weeks & Most Active Senior Angie Knott

Lea MacInnis Memorial Award, Carolyn Weeks

Engraved plate on tack box

Volunteer Awards Deb Deschenes, Sue Quirk, Lynn Paresky, Suzanne Nicholas, Angie & Bill Knott




Raffle Table

Held again at the Coachmen’s Lodge in Bellingham, MA, we had a great lunch with good service on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, from noon to 3:30pm.  Thank you to all who attended and everyone who helped to make this a fun afternoon!