Joyce Sandvik, Suzanne Nicholas, Bill Knott, Katherine Petersson

What a mess

Bill Knott

How may I direct your call. Press 1 to help with trail work

Joyce working on trimming up cut pieces

Access road done. On to the next section

Becky & Bill

Becky weilding chain saw

Becky working to get at the base of the tree

More chain saw work

Becky trimming up high

Becky still working

Bill & Becky

Cleaning up

Joyce & Suzanne

A clear shot now

Wet, but at least we can get through now

Heading out after a job well done


Five very hard working volunteers, 1 chainsaw, numerous loppers and a hand saw, did some serious trail work to prepare the trails on Pell Farm (Grafton) for the upcoming Big Pumpkin Ride.  Thanks to Becky Kalagher, Joyce Sandvik, Suzanne Nicholas, Bill Knott, and Katherine Petersson.