Scout & Michelle Murphy, Steve Lawrence, Kathy Rich, Becky Kalagher, Bill Dakai, Derek Markle

Kathy Rich, Scout Murphy and Michelle (mom) Murphy

Scout getting rid of branches

Off to work we go.

Downed trees. Not on the list of things to do!

Starting to cut up the down trees

Clearing the downed trees

Clearing the downed trees

Clearing the downed trees

Final cutting of downed trees by Becky Kalagher

Now we can get through

Kathy Rich

Downed trees out of the way

Before putting in drainage swale

Another drainage swale

Steve Lawrence supervising.

Becky & Kathy planting a blueberry bush

Kathy Rich & Becky Kalagher with very dirty hands

Blueberry bush newly planted

Blueberry bush

Karen Parlin followed by Scout Murphy on the way out

Another drainage swale completed by Derek Markle & Bill Dakai

First drainage swale completed by Derek Markel & Bill Dakai

Working on second drainage swale

Second drainage swale by second stone culvert

Karen Parlin, Kathy Rich and Scout Murphy

We had 6 BSTRA members and 2 NEMBA members meet up to do the final requirements needed for the Conservation Commission and clear up winter storm damage. With a wheelbarrow full of tools and plants (10 high bush blueberry plants) we hit the trails. Tasks for the day were taking out all the trees leaning over the trail, clean up trees that came down, install water bars/swales in four spots and plant the blueberry bushes. All of this was on East Trail which is .7 of a mile long.

Many thanks to Michelle & Scout Murphy, Kathy Rich, Karen Parlin, Steve Lawrence, Becky Kalagher, Derek Markle & Bill Dakai.

And a very gracious thanks to our event sponsor Kay Gee Sign & Graphics. With their help, we are able to complete trail projects.

We volunteered a total of 29.48 hours worth $918.89, blueberry bushes were $99.38 and lunch for the crew was $74.79. Grand total for this work day was $1,093.06 and a job well done by all.