• Stringers loaded

  • Chain gang

  • Cary, Bruice Rioux

  • Bill Dakai

  • Paul Kreswick & Bill Dakai

  • Cary, Brad Esthus, – Gary Rowden

  • Mike Tonry, Brad Waterson & Gary Rowden in the water

  • Brad Esthus in the water

  • Brad Esthus, Gary Rowden, Cary, Russ McLean, Bruce Rioux, Bill Dakai, & Paul Kreswick

  • Number three stringer getting ready to be put in place.

  • Getting the stringers in place

  • Busy work crew installing posts

  • Cary, Paul Kreswick, Brad Esthus, Russ McLean, front row Bruce Rioux, Brad Waterson, Gary Rowden, Bill Dakai, Mike Tonry

  • A thing of beauty

  • April 18th Cary & Paul working on bringing up level on trail approach to bridge

  • April 18th bringing in more material

  • April 23rd Cary & Paul work

  • April 23rd, Cary & Paul work

  • April 24th, Cary & Paul decked bridge

  • This is the end we have to fix. Over a foot drop off.

  • Rose Zariczny, Phil Rutledge, Donna Aldrich, Bill Knott before we started

  • Phil & Diane loading up rip rap to be taken down to site

  • Bill making room for more stones for a side wall

  • Phil Rutledge shoring up the side of the trail

  • Stones to stabilize the trail

  • All watching the first load of gravel. YEA!

  • First load of gravel in place

  • Bill & Rose tamping down the gravel

  • Becky Kalagher & Rose Zariczny

  • Bill Knott, Phil Rutledge, Diane Gryncewicz, Donna Aldrich & Rose Zariczny

  • Looking Good

  • Mt. Biker family stops to bring down a load of gravel

  • Finished approach to the bridge

  • Harry Kalagher putting on the base of the post cap

  • Becky securing the base of the post caps

  • All post caps installed

  • Becky on bridge after post caps installed

  • Bringing Blackwood Lumber to site

  • Douglas State Forest Supervisor Cary VandenAkker

  • Pause in work for Mt. Biker to cross

  • Cary attaching the Blackwood Lumber

  • Becky Kalagher on the new bridge

  • Newly installed Blackwood Lumber

  • Final Recognition

This project actually involved 4 different days including Park Serve Day and some DCR work days.

April 13th: eight NEMBA members, 1 BSTRA member and a DCR supervisor brought in four, 23 foot long stringers to the site. Now keep in mind that DCR spent numerous hours getting all parts of this bridge pre-assembled so it would be quick work to put it back together again on site. It took eight people per one stringer to move it from the Southern New England Trunkline Trail (SNETT) down to where they needed to be. In 30 hours we had the stringers all in place with the side posts installed.

Next step: DCR  got the bridge decked and then worked on building side walls off the closest side of the bridge, filled in with rip rap, topped the rip rap with a geo-textile material the BSTRA donated, covered the geo-textile material with processed gravel.

April 29th: Park Serve Day sponsored by Swerling Milton Winnick Public Ins. Six BSTRA members with two wheelbarrows, shovels, and pickax we went to work. There was more rip rap that needed to be put on the left side as you approached the bridge. While that was being done, others stared building the head walls on both sides of the other side of the bridge along with a retaining wall a bit past the bridge on the right to secure the trail tread. After that was done, we started hauling down rip rap to fill in on the other side. The only thing I can say is that is was mostly downhill with bringing material down with the wheelbarrows. After we got the rip rap to the level we wanted, we laid down a layer of the geo-textile material. Then we stared hauling down the processed gravel. It took us 22.5 hours of very hard labor to get this done. When the rain started we all headed to town for a well deserved lunch.

May 1: Installed the post caps. 40 minutes

May 11: Installed the Blackwood Lumber down the middle of the bridge. This is a test for making it not slippery. Blackwood Lumber is pressure treated lumber with a black rubber laminated to the top. One hour was spent the day before to get the lumber cut and prepared for installation. It took two people 6 hours to install the Blackwood Lumber on the bridge, that counts getting it down to the bridge!

All totaled, with what I know for hours, there was 60.16 hours of labor put into this project. (DCR put in quite a bit in the pre-assembly work that I do not know what those hours are.)

Labor value: $1,875.19

PT Lumber: $210.52

Post Caps: $89.90

Rip Rap: $443.46

Lunch: $74.30

Total known value: $2,693.37