Busy registration table

Posing for a picture

Mariola Podora & friend

Laura Sussman

Kathy Rich, Annamaria Paul

Kathy Rich & Carolyn Weeks

Crysanda Boisvert, Annamaria Paul, Sharron Cochran

Beth Phippard

Amy Coger & Annamaria Paul

We keep calling this the March Madness Ride, but we end up having it in April because of the weather. I guess that is our madness! There was so much tree damage from the March storms that this ride would not have been possible with out the help of the Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) and our members Phil & Jane Rutledge.

We had coffee and donuts courtesy of Jay Forgue & Mike DiPalma from Tourbillon Trailers. Jim & Kelly Shaw provided a super great lunch for the 30 riders that hit the trails that day. So our first ride of the season ended up being quite a success.

Many thanks to our ride sponsor-MacIntyre Loam. With the help of our ride/event sponsors, we can get our trail projects done.