Joyce Sandvik at the Welcome Table

Sue & Becky setting up awards

Awards table

Championship Adult

Championship Junior

President Kalagher addressing the gathering

Board of Directors for 2018


Pleasure Division-Seniors Ann Sellew, Bill & Angie Knott, Annamaria Paul, Becky Kalagher, Sharron Cochran

Pleasure Division-Adults Leah Kennedy, Karen Parlin, Michelle Murphy, Lisa Grigaitis, Carolyn Weeks, Crysanda Boisvert

Pleasure Division-Juniors Tristen & Justin Weeks, Jonathan Graveson, Scout Murphy


Competitive Division-Seniors Annamaria Paul, Angie Knott, Becky Kalagher, Bill Knott, Mary Ceaser

Competitive Division-Adults Karen Parlin, Carolyn Weeks, Crysanda Boisvert, Alyssa Graveson

Happy winners

Competitive Division-Juniors Justin Weeks, Jonathan Graveson, Tristen Weeks

Pleasure & Accumulative & High Point Horse Award-Senior


Accumulative Division-Seniors Ann Sellew, Angie Knott, Annamaria Paul, Sharron Cochran, Bill Knott, Becky Kalagher

Accumulative Division-Adults Lisa Grigaitis, Carolyn Weeks, Karen Parlin, Crysanda Boisvert

Accumulative Division-Juniors Justin Weeks, Jonathan Graveson, Tristen Weeks, Scout Murphy

High Point Horse-Juniors Jonathan Graveson & Scout Murphy

Junior High Point Horse Award

Lea MacInnis Memorial Judged Pleasure Award-Patricia McElligott

Sue Quirk receiving her special recognition award

Good friends

Joe Travers Award

Joe Travers Senior Award presented by his son Mike Travers and wife Joan to Bill Knott

Most Active Junior Award

Most Active Junior Justin Weeks

Volunteer Awards-Sharron Cochran, Lynn Paresky, Angie Knott, Sue Quirk

Lisa Grigaitis, Suzanne Nicholas, Cheryl Fitzpatrick

Comfortable feet for good riding

Christine Taylor & Linda Chita

Raffle table

Drawing for a raffle prize

Bill Zariczny & Steve Lawrence

Table pictures (1)

Table pictures (2)

Table pictures (3)

Table pictures (4)

Table pictures (5)

Table pictures (6)

Weeks family table

Jim & Teresa with grand kids Tristen & Justin

Jim & Teresa McGuire


Justin is happy with the ice cream

Held Sunday afternoon, February 4th, at the Coachmen’s Lodge in Bellingham, MA, a good time was had by all!  Nice venue, good food, good service, generous raffle items, and Mother Nature smiled on us!  Thank you to all the volunteers who pulled this together and to each and every one who attended.  Congratulations and good luck to the newly elected Officers and Board of Directors for 2018!