Before, hanging tree


Bill Knott at base of hanging tree

Becky Kalagher, Sue Quirk, Gloria Duhaime, Barbara McCumber

Lots of this on the trails

This work day was held in conjunction with the Friends of the Upton State Forest.

We had seven BSTRA members that started tackling the mess out on the trails. There were numerous trees down across the trails along with a ton of trees leaning over the trails and piles of branches. Those last two nor’easter s did a lot of damage to our trail systems this year. Again we were using hand saws to cut down all the leaning trees, picking up all the downed branches, and cutting back where needed.

Many thanks to Joyce Sandvik, Suzanne Nicholas, Barbara McCumber, Mary McMannus, Sue Quirk, Gloria Duhaime, Bill & Angie Knott, and Becky Kalagher for volunteering.

We did make a bit of a dent in clean up, but there is still more to go. All totaled we put in 28.5 hours worth $872.76. Many thanks to the Friends of Upton State Forest for providing lunch for all the volunteer workers.