History of Greenbriar

We have happy volunteers!

Karen Parlin is a judge

Rose is the safety and tack judge

Tack check for Mary Ceaser and BTU

Sharron Cochran on Peanut

Ann Sellew

Tristen Weeks on Barron

Justin Weeks

Denise Leonard doing a nice branch drag

Mark Howe doing the branch drag

Joan Adam putting the branch back in place

Annamaria Paul

Gloria Duhaime on Bert

Look Uncle Cary!

Callie VandenAkker crossing the bridge

Mary Ceaser mounting

Denise Leonard doing a nice back up

Kelli Hewes doing the back up

Tristen Weeks doing the fly spray test

Valerie Clark on Katie

Riders lined up to be judged at one station

Junior Div. Tristen Weeks, Justin Weeks, Callie Vandenakker

Adult Div. Bethany Videto, Caitlin White, Carolyn Weeks, Crysanda Boisvert, Kierstyn Ebbeling, Denise Leonard

Senior Div. Valerie Clark, Annamaria Paul, Mary Ceaser, Kathy Rich, Gloria Duhaime, Nancie Jarvis

Volunteers Joan Adam, Karen Parlin, Rose Zariczny, Sue Quirk, Suzanne Nicholas, Sheila Guimond

Greenbriar/Hodges Village Dam with 16 different obstacles, man made or existing on the trail, riders had plenty to challenge them. Many thanks to the huge crew that was needed to run this ride. Sponsored by Paresky Flitt & Company.