Nice field for parking

l to r: Michelle Arsenault, Barbara Dodd, Nikki Arsenault, Marie Hardy, Peggy Rotti, Leah Dodd, Terry Lupien, Patty McElligott, Frank Whitney, Ann Degnan

Mary Ceaser

Linda Lachapelle, Denise Kanakry

Stephanie Beaudoin

Jessica Rea

Jane Sparda, Kathy Rich, Crysanda Boisvert

Jane & Phil Rutledge, Gloria Duhamie, Sharron Cochran

Grand Central Station

Getting food and handing in cards

Lots of food

Adult Div: Jessica Rea, Cori Oehley, Lisa Grigaitis, Karen Parlin, Nikki Arsenault, Frank Whitney,

Senior Div: Sharron Cochran, Phil Rutledge, Kathy Rich, Angie Knott, MaryEllen Coyne, Becky Kalagher

Wood Lily

Spicebush Swallowtail on Wood Lily

Inman Hill Wildlife Conservation Area, Mendon, MA.  Sponsored by WHP Trucking & Excavating