Pam, Kathy, Dan & Becky

Someone is checking out view from rock

Pam enjoying the view from above

Pam & Dan coming to join us on Hawk trail

Before picture of Hawk Trail

Kathy Rich with her loppers

Dan & Pam working hard

Becky behind that brush with chainsaw

Becky giving the thumbs up

Hawk Trail looking good

Welcome ride back after a morning’s hard work!

Yes, we were back at the Upton State Forest. This is the year that agencies and volunteers are going to spend trying to get all
the trails cleared from those blasted winter storms. Way too much damage, but at least we are trying to help out where we
can. We had nine BSTRA members, many of them also Friends of the Upton State Forest, as well as at least four DCR personnel
working with us. I know the BSTRA members put in 30 hours and figure that DCR put in at least 16 hours.