Our Banner

Apple Knoll grounds

Apple Knoll arena jumps

Apple Knoll jumps

Apple Knoll dressage ring

Thanks Mr. Yered

George with one of his trailers

Well organized sign in table

Our hard working volunteers. BR Jim, Jennifer, Donna, Angela, Ryan, Jill. FR Kelly, Donna, Sue, Deb

One last check before heading out.

Full parking lot

This was the start

Karen Parlin & Becky Kalagher

Becky & Shaylee ready to go

Headed out

Letting him know it’s OK

Lisa Grigaitis

Who is hiding behind those ears

Riders out

Kathy Rich

What a smile

All smiles

More smiles

Mary Ceaser

Doreen Doyle & Friend


Ready to go

Darlene Falcone, Lisa Grigaitis & Cheryl Fitzpatrick

Cori Oehley & Christine Nichols

The Crew

Excited to hit the trail

Sheila Guimond

Standing pretty

Pam Lindblom

Lynn Paresky

Lisa Hynes

Lets go!

Laura Susmann

Unidentified riding friends

Leah Kennedy & Ann Sellew

Sharron Cochran

Kathy Budrow

Sue Perry & Maggie Jeffrey

Joyce Sandvik & Suzanne Nicholas

Becky Kalagher

Karen Parlin

Young buck spotted on the trail

Desserts first-good move

Plenty of food for lunch

Lunch: good to sit down on something not moving

Love lunch after a ride!

Long lunch line

Lunch circle

Enjoying lunch

Maiola Podpora

That was good!

Need to find a shadier spot!

Hear’s some shade!

I’ll have lunch too

Unknown, Dotti, Lynn Paresky, George Yered

Karen Parling presenting Lynn Paresky with flowers & wine for a job well done

Prizes for the top sponsor collections

Becky Kalagher presenting Lynn Paresky with her prize bucket

Donna Johnson & Becky Kalagher with their prize buckets presented by Lynn Paresky

Crysanda Boisvert with her prize bucket presented by Lynn Paresky

Amber & Sherry Perry with their prize bucket presented by Lynn Paresky

Annamaria Paul with her prize bucket presented by Lynn Paresky

Sue Quirk with her prize bucket presented by Lynn Paresky

Rose Zariczny with her prize bucket presented by Lynn Paresky

Sue Quirk, Annamaria Paul, Crysanda Boisvert, Becky Kalagher, Donna Johnson, Lynn Paresky, Sherry & Amber Perry, Rose Zariczny

Photo time

Over $3,500 worth of raffle items

All the gift certificates for the raffle

Angie drawing a raffle ticket

Junior looking over Shaylee’s back

Helen Keller tree

According to Lynn Paresky, BSTRA’s 26th annual National Trails Day Fundraiser Ride was our best one to date!  Many people on Facebook felt the same way.  Sponsored by Yered Trailers, the event was held at Apple Knoll Farm in Millis, MA.