• Jill & Gloria Duhaime

  • Mary Ceaser, Dan Salvucci, Sharron Cochran

  • Ellie & Silver Willow

  • Becky & Karen

  • Dan, Gloria & Jill

  • Sue givig us the answers to the Trivia questions

  • Getting ribbons in order

  • Lunch under the trees

  • Presenting our Trivia winners

The theme this year was “The United States”. I figured we all live here, we should all know a little something about it. And boy oh boy did we have fantastic weather! Just like last year, there were 8 General Knowledge questions worth 1 point each. 8 T.V & Movie questions worth 2 points, and 8 History questions worth 3 points.  There was a Bonus question worth 5 points!  All total, 53 points for a perfect score.

Now to the winners: 1st place: Alyssa & Jonathan Graveson – 2nd place: Bill & Angie Knott – 3rd place: Gloria & Jill Duhaime – 4th place: Crysanda Boisvert & Carol Kendra-McNiff – 5th place: Sharron Cochran & Mary Ceaser – 6th place: Linda Krul & Phyllis Alexander.

A special thanks to our ride sponsor: Ocean State Equine Associates