Angie doing the jacket

Angie Knott

Bill Knott

Carolyn Weeks

Crysanda Boisvert

Denise doing the bucket toss

Donna Peronace

Jacquelyn Cote

Jane Moran

Karen doing tack check

Marcia Stewart with her daughter Denise Anthony

Mary Ceaser

Patricia doing the rope gate

Patricia McElligott and Peggy Rotti

Peggy doing the ghost

Peggy doing the rope gate

Suzanne Nicholas

Tristen Weeks

Jigs with well earned ribbon

Winners of the day

I am happy to report that our group of 12 volunteers was able to pull off a 7.43 mile ride with 14 obstacles, tack check, safety equipment check and lunch. It was a lot of work, but with a great team and hard work, we pulled off a very successful ride.

Obstacles ranged from wood bridges, metal Bailey bridge, rope gate, trailer loading, side passing to a “ghost” in a barrel.

We did notice a number of loose chin straps on rider’s helmets. Riders, please take a moment to check  your straps, if they are loose, it won’t keep your helmet on when you need it.

Our ride sponsor for this event was Savers Bank. Their support will help us continue our work on improving trails.


On to our winners.


1st  Patricia McElligott

2nd  Annamara Paul

3rd  Donna Peronace

4th  Mary Ceaser

5th  Peggy Rotti

6th  Angie Knott (finally did the obstacles this year)



1st  Carolyn Weeks

2nd  Gabrielle Giese (first judged pleasure)

3rd  Denise Anthony

4th  Crysanda Boisvert (new horse!)



1st  Tristen Weeks

2nd  Justin Weeks