Gloria Duhaime

Jill in the lead

Lisa, Darlene and Cheryl leading the way

Jill Duhiame

Hey which way are we going

Gloria & Bert

Farm along the ride


Cows along the ride

Becky & Karen

Sharron and friends

Michelle & Scout Murphy

Nice trails

Old headstone

Karen checking out cemetary

1 Views on the ride

Back through the field

What a view.

Overlooking Cardinal Ridge

End of the ride

Back from the ride

Back to home base

Plenty of parking

Many thanks to Karla Christiansen for inviting us to ride out of her facility, Cardinal Ridge Equestrian Center in Barre MA. There was plenty of parking with access to miles of trails giving us a  choice of a short or long loop that included fields, old town roads, the Ware River Rail Trail, and single tracks.

Lunch was a hearty affair. Pulled pork, mac & cheese, salad, apple crisp, and other homemade desserts.

We wish to also thank our ride sponsor Paresky Flitt & Company. Their support allows us to continue our trail work.