• Dan Salvucci helping with the parking

  • award and ride sponsor

  • Display trailer

  • Sue Quirk heading to the starting line

  • Adorable team Nikole & Jasmine Ruddy

  • Adrianna or Jilly

  • Alex Picard, or Arianna Carrasquillo

  • Amber & Sherry

  • Ann Sellew, Donna Aldrich, Kelli Grady

  • Ann Sellew

  • Ann, Donna, Kelli, Kelly

  • Annamaria

  • Bill & Angie Knott

  • Bill Wentworth & Kim Lussier

  • Carolyn Weeks

  • Catherine Doyle

  • Colleen Gary

  • Crysanda Boisvert

  • Donna Smith 1

  • Emily McGuirk

  • Heading to the start line

  • Holding horse

  • I can’t reach the grass

  • Janeen Rose

  • Justin Gary

  • Justin Weeks finishing up

  • Karen Anderson

  • Karen Parlin

  • Kate Kapura, Rebekah Nydam

  • Stephanie Gould, or Kim McKullough I think

  • Terise Cole

  • Kelli Grady

  • Kelly Lyons

  • Kim Lussier 2

  • Linda Chita

  • Pam Humphrey, Meredith Gavin or visa versa

  • Paul Chita

  • Stacey or Denise or Kris

  • They Call Me Roy

  • Stephanie Gould, Kim McKullough is one of these

  • Sue Wheeler & Allison Thibodeau

  • Terise Cole, Emily McGuirk

  • Rebekah

  • Lunch time

  • Relaxing after a great ride

  • Sharron & Denise

  • Signing riders in.

  • Lucky winner picking the next ticket

  • Bonnie and Mary getting their ribons

  • getting ready to present ribbons

  • Handing out ribbons

  • Trail Blazer Div. winners. Sue Wheeler, Allison Thibodeau, Pam Desimone, Angie & Bill Knott

  • Junior Div. winners Justin Weeks, Amber Perry, Jasmine Ruddy

  • Hunter Div. winners Becky Kalagher, Janeen Rose, Ray Hill, Mary Ceaser, Karen Anderson, Donna Smith

  • Hilltop Div. winners. Bill Wentworth, Kim Lussier, Mary Wood, Bonnie Mashoke, Donna Aldrich, Kelli Grady, Ann Sellew

This was our 20th annual Spring Hunter Pace.

Going to have to get special jackets for our ride hosts that have been hosting rides spanning decades! That is impressive.

So I guess mother nature knew this was a special event, because she gave us the perfect weather for a pace. Partly cloudy and cool, it was awesome.

Many thanks to our ride sponsor The Mane Place that not only sponsored the ride, but provided gifts for the first place winners. It was nice to see Linda & Paul on the ride too!

And a special thanks to Christine Belsky for volunteering to take all the pictures she did that day.

Here are the results:


1st: Ray Hill, Janeen Rose

2nd: Becky Kalagher, Karen Parlin

3rd: Mary Ceaser

4th: Karen Anderson, Donna Smith

5th: Colleen & Justin Gary



1st: Karen Picard, Sam Fazino

2nd: Ann Sellew, Donna Aldrich and Kelli Grady

3rd: Adrianna Kerr, Jilly Penfield

4th: Kelly Lyons, Maria Heskes-Allard

5th: Mary Wood, Bonnie Mashoke

6th: Kim Lussier, Bill Wentworth



1st: Catherine Doyle

2nd: Alex Picard, Arianna Carrasquillo

3rd: Amber Perry

4th: Justin Weeks

5th: Erin Miller

6th: Jasmine Ruddy



1st: Carolyn Weeks

2nd: Pam DeSimone

3rd: Annamaria Paul, Crysanda Boisvert

4th: Allison Thibodeau, Sue Wheeler

5th: Pam Humphrey, Meredith Gavin

6th: Bill & Angie Knott