Annamaria Paul & Crysanda Boisvert

Out on the trail

Mary Ceaser

Karen Parlin

Kit McShera, Joan Sisley, Eileen Marshall

Out on the trail

This is my one ride that I get inspired with food and the riders get to be guinea pigs. So far it has worked out because everyone has been very enthusiastic about the lunch. This year included club sandwiches, regular sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken salad with walnuts and cranberries, grilled vegetable gazpacho, fruit salad with poppy seed dressing, three bean salad, banana pineapple layered dessert, and peach rhubarb pie with coconut & pecan topping.

We had a great turn out with over 40 riders and super fall like weather. As always, it is a pleasure riding the cart roads that follow the Miller’s River. Scenic with good footing if one wants to move out and play for a bit.

And I want to recognize our ride sponsor: From The Horses Mouth-Dental Work by Dave Riberio