Join the Safety Movement by helping get the word out to educate all drivers that they need to Stop/Slow/Yield for Horses — and that it is the Law to do so!  The life you safe may be your own — or your horse’s life.

Put these 14″ x 4.2″ PVC-free vinyl stickers on your car or truck bumpers — and on your trailer.  These will stick to your bumper or any smooth, hard surface.  These glossy stickers are Weatherproof–Waterproof and UV resistant–to prevent damage by rain, snow or sun.  They are easy to apply, and can easily be removed without scraping and causing damage to your vehicle.

Buy these bumper stickers at The Mane Place in Uxbridge or order online using link below.   Price is just $2.50 each when you are buying them at the The Mane Place or online.

Online orders for 10 or more stickers will be shipped to you.  Orders for fewer than 10 can be picked up in Douglas by appointment.  To place your order, please complete the following and provide payment information.

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