If you feed the following grain to your horses, you can help raise money for BSTRA.


Triple Crown Feeds & Triple Crown Forages

Triple Crown Feeds: Save the Proof of Purchase from each bag.

Triple Crown Forages: Cut out the name of the Triple Crown along with the UPC code.



All horse feed, hay extender, Naturewise Farm Store Feeds, Cargill Milk Plus, Dairyway/Dairy Focus Feeds, all other Nutrena grain products, Loyal Pet Food & River Run Dog Food are eligible. The only acceptable proofs of purchase for grain products are the sewn on tags that include the product description. Proofs of purchase over 1 year old will not be accepted. There is a bold 4 digit number, bottom left of tag under the Lot number. If that number starts with a 4 then it is from 2014, number 5 means it’s from 2015. We can only accept 4 or 5’s.

All tags can be mailed to Suzanne Nicholas, 96 Mountain Gate Road, Ashland MA 01721 or turned into any board member.


Poulin Grain Program

When you buy Poulin grain for your horse, make sure to tell the clerk that you are a BSTRA member. That’s all you have to do! We get .25 for each bag you buy. The merchant keeps track of the amount of bags purchased and sends a check to BSTRA for the accumulated amount from your purchases.

Participating dealers are Mane Place (Uxbridge), Greenfield Farmers Cooperated Exchange (Greenfield), Hardwick Farmers Cooperative Exchange (Gilbertivlle).