There are so many reasons to join BSTRA. This year be one of our many members having fun riding the trails at BSTRA events. Learn about all the benefits of being a member, how you can contribute to trail riding in Massachusetts and how you can get involved in the process of trail maintenance, preservation and acquisition.


Benefits of joining BSTRA


♦ Free subscription to Equine Journal & MA Horse

Your Equine Journal subscription entitles you to a Free Journal Prospect Ad with picture. A Free 20-word classified advertisement and 10% off all display advertising when paid within 30 days. Please contact for your members benefit brochure with coupons.

As a BSTRA member you receive MA Horse magazine at no cost as part of our club’s partnership. MA Horse will e-mail you the magazine. Members who wish to have the printed version can subscribe at half price for just $10.  Send a check for $10 to Mass. Horse, 9 Bissell Road, Williamsburg, MA 01096 with a note that you are a BSTRA member.

♦ Free monthly newsletter (Bugle)

Free classifieds for members

♦ Pleasure rides, competitive rides, hunter paces and campouts

♦ Explore new places to trail ride-our rides are marked so you can confidently ride

  in new areas

♦ Reduced ride registration fees for members

♦ Savings from business sponsor discounts

♦ Fun for all at our family oriented, friendly rides and events

♦ Unique Volunteer Awards Program

♦ Year-End Awards

♦ Annual Awards Banquet

♦ Excess Liability Insurance Available for BSTRA members

equisure_468x60_v4A $1 million Excess Liability Insurance policy is now an optional member benefit. Become an individual or family member of BSTRA and choose this valuable protection today.

The value of this benefit is tremendous! The cost of equine liability insurance is estimated to range from $300 to $400 per year to the average horse owner if purchased individually. The cost (above your membership price) is $20 for single and $40 for family.

If an owner’s horse hurts someone or damages someone’s property, the rider and owner can be held responsible for damages. Even if proven not liable, you could incur considerable legal defense costs. Seldom is equine liability insurance extended from homeowner’s policies.

You do not have to be a Massachusetts resident to become a BSTRA member and get this protection.


Coverage Description


$1 million dollar Excess Personal Liability Insurance

The Master Policy is intended to provide coverage for the insureds EXCESS PERSONAL LIABILITY in respect to those sums the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to property or personal injury to which the Master Policy applies, which occurs only while the insureds are engaged in a “covered activity”. Underwriters have the right, but not the duty, to defend any “suit” seeking those damages.

The use and/or ownership of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle are understood to include:

Riding a horse on the public highway or elsewhere

Leading a horse along the public highway or elsewhere

Driving a horse-drawn vehicle

Grazing or stabling a horse or circumstances where the horse is not in your control

In the event of the insured giving permission for any person to use their horse or horse-drawn vehicle, such person will also be indemnified. If a family membership is purchased “insured” shall also mean their resident spouse and resident children under 18 years of age.

No coverage is provided for liability arising out of any business or profession or the use of a horse-drawn vehicle for hire or the practice or preparation for or participation in racing under the rules of any legally constituted racing authority or for use when equestrian is you primary means of transport.

This policy may be one of several policies issued by the Underwriters to the insured. Any suit which could be covered under two or more of these policies will be subject to a maximum Aggregate Limit of $ million under all such policies.

Family membership – If you purchase a family membership, family members include you, your resident spouse and your resident children under 18 years of age at the time the policy is purchased. A family member, to maintain coverage, hereunder must maintain during the policy period its valid membership in Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc.

Individual membership – An individual member is required to maintain during the policy period its valid membership in Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc.

This service is provided by Equisure, Inc. in cooperation with Bay State Trail Riders Association. This program is not a source of revenue for Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. Association Resource Group Purchasing Group (the Master Policy holder) has arranged coverage with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London using Equisure, Inc. as the agent.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Legal liability which may result from an accident or occurrence involving a BSTRA Member’s horse or horse-drawn vehicle. Protection is provided for the negligence arising out of the use, or ownership, which may cause accidental bodily injury or property damage, including damage to another horse.
  • Protection is provided if you are performing or competing in horse shows, clinics or demonstrations.
  • Damages caused by a horse while grazing, stabled, or where the horse is not in the control of the Member.
  • Defense and legal costs affiliated or in connection with any claim.
  • Coverage is included for the Member giving permission to any person to use his horse or horse-drawn vehicle.
  • Protection is considered “excess” over any valid and/or collectable insurance (i.e. farm, home, etc.) For Members without primary policies the excess liability will be considered “primary”.
  • Children under 18 years of age are covered under a parent’s policy.
  • Any horse, pony or mule is considered eligible under the terms and condition of the policy.
  • You do not have to be a Massachusetts resident to become a BSTRA member and get this protection.
  • Business and professional pursuits, rodeo, and racing exposures are excluded.
  • Coverage runs from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st concurrent with your membership.
  • Coverage is provided through Equisure, Inc., one of the nation’s leading equine insurance specialists, and underwritten at Lloyd’s, London.


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