The town of Upton, MA has been working to preserve Sweetwilliam Farm, a spectacular property on North Street. While the land is protected , there is still plenty to do. Metacomet Land Trust has offered to help raise $15,000.00 to complete the project.



The property was preserved, in part, so that the town of Upton could create a 15 mile trail network by building a mile long trail across the property to connect trails in Upton State Forest to trails on abutting town owned land. The connector trail, except for a quarter mile that skirts a pasture (west side of North Street) is finished and $10,000.00 is needed for a fence to safely separate trail users from animals in the pasture. Once the west side trail is usable, trail users can connect to the Warren Brook Watershed property owned by the town of Upton and the Pell Farm property owned by the Grafton Land Trust.


BSTRA’s Contribution
sweetwilliam-farm-project-signsBSTRA donated $1,500.00 towards this project with funds raised from our National Trails Day event. At a previous Board meeting, we voted to have a couple of signs made up to help trail users stay on the trail along the edge of a hay field. The signs, made by KayGee Signs in Auburn, MA, were installed by BSTRA on November 24, 2012.





The Trail Network


The trail network will connect trails in Upton State Forest and Howarth Conservation Area to trails in Warren Brook Conservation Area, Howarth Glen Conservation Area and Grafton’s Pell Farm Conservation Area. This will create a 15+ mile trail network with loops of various lengths and terrains with access from Grafton Road, Oak Knoll Lane, North Street, Howarth Drive and the Upton State Forest.